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Jersey Shore rips Lockport, 6-3

Jersey Shore had a three-goal lead after two periods and cruised the rest of the way en route to a 6-3 win over Lockport.

Dylan Plsek had one goal and two assists to lead Jersey Shore. Plsek scored on the power play 19:58 into the first period to make the score 3-1 Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore had taken the advantage when Lockport\’s Joseph Como got sent off for high sticking. Jared Karas picked up the assist.

Jersey Shore forced Lockport goalie Sal Stalteri to work between the pipes, taking 58 shots.

Jersey Shore additionally got points from Christian Cooley, who also registered two goals and one assist and Frederic Ampleman, who also registered two goals and one assist. John Rubin also scored for Jersey Shore. Other players who recorded assists for Jersey Shore were Alexander Tan, who had two and Drew Brown, Freddie Schaljo, and JaColbie McGowan, who contributed one each.

Lockport racked up the penalties in the contest, and ended with seven minors and one major for 39 minutes in penalty time. Lockport surpassed its season average of 34.0 penalty minutes per game.

Lockport was helped by Josh Evoy, who finished with one goal. Evoy scored on the power play 8:27 into the first period to make the score 1-1. Lockport had gotten the advantage when Jersey Shore\’s Zach Roth was sent off for cross checking. Brendan McFall provided the assist. Lockport also got points from Jordan Pocobello, who also grabbed one goal and one assist. Lockport also got a goal from Frank II Vecchio as well. In addition, Lockport received assists from Erick Santiago, Nicholas Wilcox, and Fankie Bodami, who each chipped in one.

Breadan Colgan recorded 26 saves for Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore totaled 25 minutes in penalty time with five minors and one major and went 2-for-7 on the power play. Sal Stalteri made 52 saves for Lockport on 58 shots. Lockport registered one goal on five power play opportunities. (716) 863-1459