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Lisa Simmons – Medical Condition/Cancer Treatment

Hello Everyone, 


With much sadness, the Fighting Spirit Family announces that owner Lisa Simmons has recently been diagnosed with Brain Cancer.  During a procedure to conduct a biopsy, the tumor began bleeding which resulted in an emergency extension of the procedure to stop the bleeding and resulted in the removal of approximately 85% of the tumor.  The pathology reports came back last week with the news that the cancer is of an aggressive form and is already re-growing.  Lisa is in good spirits and prepared to Fight!


A complication with insurance coverage, as a result of their move to Maine, will result in a lapse in coverage for the month of December.  This is going to result in a significant financial burden on Rod & Lisa as she must begin radiation and chemotherapy in December to have a chance a beating back the cancer.  The financial estimate while they are not covered is staggering ($125 to $150K).


The Fighting Spirit Family has created a web page to assist with fundraising for Rod & Lisa.  Any contribution is appreciated, beyond words that I could possibly convey in this email.  My hope is that you will encourage all folks connected with your programs to make a donation.


On behalf of Rod & Lisa, thank you for your thoughts, prayers and consideration.  I wish each of you and your families a healthy and happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful Holiday Season! (716) 863-1459