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Lockport blows out Syracuse, 5-2

Lockport had a two-goal lead after two periods and cruised the rest of the way en route to a 5-2 win over Syracuse.

Frank II Vecchio was all over the ice for Lockport, as he tallied two goals in the win. Vecchio\’s tallies came at 15:55 into the first period to make the score 3-1 Lockport and 19:29 into the third to make the score 5-2 Lockport.

Syracuse was unable to stop Lockport from sending pucks towards the net, and Lockport eventually piled up 33 shots on goal.

Lockport also got points from Andrew Logar, who also grabbed one goal and one assist and Brendan McFall, who also had one goal and one assist. Lockport also got a goal from Gibson Stuart as well. In addition, Lockport received assists from Dylan Jenkins, who had two, Justin Durkee, who had three, and Kurt Villani, Sam Rydzewski, and Joseph Como, who contributed one each.

Syracuse forced Lockport\’s goaltenders to work between the pipes, taking 41 shots and forcing 39 saves. Tim Schiess made 34 stops and Sal Stalteri made five. Syracuse excelled on the penalty kill, not giving up a single goal in three chances.

Syracuse was helped by Dan Buehler, who registered one goal. Buehler scored 12:15 into the first period to make the score 2-1 Lockport. Nicholas Sanborn picked up the assist. Syracuse additionally got points from Raymond Falso, who also tallied one goal and one assist. Other players who recorded assists for Syracuse were Tucker Bartenslager, who had one.

Lockport incurred six minutes in penalty time with three minors. Kyle VanWagner rejected 28 shots on goal for Syracuse. Syracuse incurred eight minutes in penalty time with four minors. (716) 863-1459