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Roc City squeaks by Lockport, 5-3

Roc City gutted out a close 5-3 win against Lockport.

Roc City gained the winning advantage on a goal by Brandon Corey 19:45 into the second period and hung on until final buzzer.

Corey was all over the ice for Roc City, as he had two goals in the win.

Referees had their hands full with a major incident at 8:10 into the third period. Five fighting penalties were dished out along with two game misconducts.

Roc City was often in penalty trouble, totaling 10 minors and two majors for 60 minutes in penalty time. Roc City surpassed its season average of 31.0 penalty minutes per game. Roc City\’s penalty kill was spotless, allowing no goals on five Lockport power plays. Lockport was unable to stop Roc City from sending pucks towards the net, and Roc City eventually piled up 35 shots on goal.

Roc City also got points from Aidan Conolly, who also racked up one goal and one assist and Anthony DePetres, who also finished with one goal and one assist. Roc City also got a goal from Cameron Clark as well. In addition, Roc City received assists from Jared Tam-Grimshaw and Sam Cammilleri, who each chipped in one and Matt Corey and Zach Bucholz, who contributed two each.

Lockport forced its penalty killing units to work especially hard during the game, picking up 10 minors and two majors for 60 minutes in penalty time. The total exceeded the 35.0 minutes per game Lockport had been spending in the box. Lockport\’s offense rang up 36 shots on Roc City\’s net.

Lockport was helped by Christopher Gasiewicz, who registered two goals. Gasiewicz scored the first of his two goals at 11:26 into the second period to make the score 2-2. Justin Durkee provided the assist. Gasiewicz\’s next tally made the score 3-2 Lockport with 3:54 left in the second period. Ryan Logar picked up the assist. Lockport additionally got points from Durkee, who also tallied one goal and one assist. More assists for Lockport came via Erick Santiago, Fankie Bodami, and Dylan Jenkins, who each chipped in one.

Ian Stahl made 33 saves for Roc City on 36 shots. Roc City registered one goal on five power play opportunities. For Roc City, Clark was ejected from the game. Sal Stalteri recorded 30 saves for Lockport. Lockport ran into serious disciplinary problems during the contest, and John Gannon was ejected from the game. (716) 863-1459