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The NHL’s Next Season

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Hockey, the fastest and most physically demanding sport on Earth. Imagine putting on a pair of skates with knives 5mm wide and going at a speed of about 45 km per hour on an ice sheet. Between shots and passes from a galvanized rubber disc known as puck in hopes of scoring against the opposing team while the players chase each other in a shoulder-to-shoulder fight. This is hockey.

One of the most popular and most popular sports in the United States and Canada. The game consists of 3 periods of 20 minutes. If there is a tie, five more minutes are played, and two players are removed from each team, a 3-to-3 game remains. If there is still no winner, then the soccer-style decides everything in penalties. Each team chooses three players to select the game.

The 2018-2019 season brings with it younger players, so the games are faster, the bookmarks higher, and the games more entertaining. Proof of this is in the league NHL-National Hockey League-specifically in the franchise of the Montreal Canadiens plays the Finnish Jesperi Kotkaneimi just 18 years of age born in the year 2000 is one of the rising stars like Elias Petersson, Miro Heiskanen, and Brett Howden.

If we add to these young talents the excellent players of the NHL regular season such as Sidney Crosby, Conner McDavid, Eric Karlsson, and Alex Ovechkin, we can only comment on how attractive the season is for sports fans.

In the NHL, only 16 of the 31 teams reach the playoffs in search of the Stanley Cup (the championship trophy). Currently of the 31 teams, 4 are favorites for this season.

The Tampa Bay Lightning, a team full of speed and strategy in your training, will undoubtedly continue as a favorite always, and when the players stay away from injuries and your star scorer, Andrei Vasilevski keeps scoring as he has done throughout the season.

Unlike Tampa, the Nashville Predators, our question would be whether your goalkeeper Pekka Rine will be able to keep up or be a falling star. Last year the Predators were the team to beat until, in the second round of the playoffs, their scorers disappointed and lost.

The third team on my list are the Winnipeg Jets, the team that beat Nashville last year, just like Tampa this team has talent from start to finish. To this day, they are undoubtedly the best Canadian team and with high chances of being the first Canadian team to win the Cup in years. The last time a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup was in 1993 with the Montreal Canadians.

And the fourth team on my list is nothing less than last year’s Champions, The Washington Capitals. This team has the skill, hardness, and the perfect timing to score goals.

It’s undoubtedly an exciting season, and we’ll have to see how the games come. Of 82 games followed 16 of the playoffs. It takes luck, skill, chemistry, perseverance, and merely knowing which team you want the most. The 16 clubs have the chance to fight, but these four will undoubtedly be, in my opinion, the favorites to win the Championship.

Currently the NHL has no matches in Mexico but considering that there are about 22 ice rinks in the country and that we are already lucky to see live NBA and Formula 1 matches, I think it would be an excellent time to consider bringing a regular-season game and enjoy this exciting sport, which we can only watch on television for the moment.